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Offer ends on 29/02/2024

Offer ends on 29/02/2024

With Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies: The Best Performance for Your Lincoln is Guaranteed

For SR 199, you can enjoy our premium Mudmoon check up selection that is designed to keep your Lincoln running at its best. The offer also includes a 25% discount on spare parts and labor charges for any additional repairs.

Mudmoon Check Includes:

  • AC performance check
  • Engine performance
  • Transmission performance
  • Suspension check
  • Computer check
  • Coolant check

Terms and Conditions apply:

  • This check qualifies your Lincoln vehicle for Mudmoon program
  • Offer includes 25% discount on spare parts and labor charge on additional repairs
  • Price excludes VAT
  • Offer is valid till 29th February 2024

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